Deuteronomy 13 Test

Have you taken the Deuteronomy 13 Test? Judge it all by the word of the Holy One of Israel. Study to show yourself approved and know who the Messiah really .

Have you ever considered why the Jews reject the Jewish Messiah, our Lord and Savior?  Have you ever wondered why they will not accept the Messiah as we know him? Who is Messiah anyway? How do you recognize who the Messiah is and how do others come to know who the Messiah is?

What if it was because many today misunderstand Paul and in fact it has become because of the Pauline Paradox?  Millions of Jews reject the Christian presentation of Jesus and Paul, alarmingly, because the Word of God says to.

Sadly, if the misunderstanding continues, Jews are forever prevented from not only not knowing their Jewish Savior, but also from experiencing the blessings of the New Covenant.

This teaching on Deuteronomy 13 tests everything and exposes the gap in the misunderstanding, and takes a first step into building a bridge…


As we walk through the scriptures finding out just what it means to walk in the Spirit, we’ll discover more of who our Messiah really is and what it means to have the ‘mind of Christ’. Test everything with us at 119 Ministries….let’s dig in!
These and many more questions are brought to the surface as we dig into the ancient texts and discover how to Walk in the Spirit. With this foundation and continuing to test everything, we will discover who the real Messiah truly is!
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